Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Fall

When I was about 5 years old, we lived in Germany. Dad was in the Air Force and that is where he was stationed. Mom, my little sister Lisa, and I went to visit friends one day. Our friends lived in a house that was up on a hill. I believe the garage was kind of underneath the house. I remember the hill with a lot of very green grass growing on it. The grass ended at a wall by the road. There was a sidewalk at the bottom of the wall. I remember the wall being very high. Mom told me later that it was about 15 feet high...well my friends and I was outside playing in the yard, and we decided to go and sit on the wall. I remember looking over my legs as they was hanging over the side. I saw my socks and shoes, but I remember thinking "how did my sock come off, but my shoe is still on?" The next thing I remember is I am laying face down on the sidewalk, blood everywhere and I was crying. My mom said that the lady we was visiting ran down the 100 steps to get to the sidewalk, picked me up and carried my back up the steps, then down to the garage to where the car was and they took me to the hospital. Miraclulously I did not have anything broken, or any cuts. My nose was swollen and bleeding, but that was about it. That happened about 40 years ago...I can remember that day. Another thing I remember about when I was laying on that sidewalk, was an older couple walked by and just looked at me as they kept on walking. I guess they didn't think that I needed any help at all. I am thankful to God that I didn't get hurt any worse that I did. That was just something that I guess I will always remember. I wonder if that is why I am so scared of heights now.

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