Monday, August 3, 2009

Living in Izmir, Turkey

Living in Izmir Turkey was a real experience for me. I was about 12 years old when we left to go there. It was exciting to ride in the big planes. We even got to see a movie, and for a 12 year at that time was very exciting. After the long flights we finally got to Izmir. We was suppose to be met by our sponser, but they were not there yet. Some how we had gotten to Izmir earlier than we was suppose to. Some people that we met on the plane was already meeting their sponser. They told us we could just ride with them into town. We all packed into the one car. It wasn't a small car, but it was still tight with nine of us, the driver and the sponser all packed in. That made 11 of us, not to mention all the luggage. Everyone was either sitting on someone or under someone...all squashed together. We did make it to our destination though. We was taken to where my Dad had to sign in and found our sponser. He took us to a hotel where we had to live for about two weeks. Our apartment wouldn't be ready for at least two weeks is why we had to stay that amount of time. At least it was summer and Mom didn't have to worry about getting us into school yet. During those two weeks we learned where most everything was. We went to the park and went swimming, and went to the movies alot. We found the thrift store where we bought stacks of comic books really cheap, read them, then traded them for another stack. We did alot of reading during that time. We didn't watch tv hardly at all, and was hardly ever at home. There was always something to do while we was there. We lived in Izmir for 2 years before we came back to the States. Those were some really good times.

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